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Welcome to a transformative journey for new and aspiring managers!

Leading with Confidence

The new manager’s blueprint, is specifically crafted to elevate your leadership abilities.

In this course, we focus on practical skills and personal growth to help you navigate the complex landscape of modern management.

Unleash Your Potential as a New Manager

This journey is designed to elevate you beyond the basics of management into a realm where strategic thinking, impactful decision-making, and influential leadership become your hallmark. Envision yourself leading with confidence, inspiring your team, and driving innovative change. By the end of this course, you won’t just manage teams; you’ll lead transformations, shaping not just your career but also the future of your organization.

Personalized Coaching Sessions

Elevate your leadership with our tailored one-on-one coaching sessions. Experience individualized support from Susanne Madsen and Morten Gottliebsen, who bring a wealth of expertise to guide you through your unique managerial challenges. Their insights and personalized strategies will help you navigate your leadership journey with confidence and clarity.

Comprehensive Skill Development

Our course offers a rich tapestry of essential skills for the modern manager. From enhancing your communication and emotional intelligence to strategic planning and team dynamics, we cover it all. Each module is designed to build upon the last, providing you with a robust set of tools and techniques to lead effectively, inspire your team, and drive success in your organization.

Capstone Project for Real-World Application

Put theory into practice with our Capstone Project, a key component of your leadership development. This hands-on project allows you to apply the skills you've learned in a real-world setting, tackling actual challenges within your organization. It's an opportunity to demonstrate your growth as a leader, make impactful changes, and showcase your readiness to take on higher responsibilities.

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Meet Your Coaches

Susanne Madsen

Holistic Leadership Coach

Susanne believes in the transformative power of integrating spiritual insights into leadership, enhancing emotional intelligence and fostering authentic leadership styles.

Susanne, a seasoned spiritual healer and coach, uniquely blends traditional leadership principles with intuitive practices. Her approach is tailored to support and empower new managers, focusing on holistic development and stress management.

Through a blend of spiritual disciplines and transformative coaching, Susanne guides managers on a journey of self-awareness, aligning personal growth with leadership development.

Holistic Leadership Development
Crafting leadership skills with a holistic perspective.

Stress Management Techniques
Teaching methods to manage stress effectively in managerial roles.

Intuitive Decision-Making
Enhancing decision-making skills through intuitive insights.

Spiritual Healer and Coach
Her certification and experience offer a unique edge to her coaching.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication Specialist
Expertise in these areas enhances her ability to develop emotionally intelligent leaders.

Energy Work and Kinesiology Practitioner
Bringing a unique perspective to personal and leadership development.

Susanne offers a unique blend of insights and expertise

She is a gifted clairvoyant, who brings an unparalleled edge to the program, tapping into energies to foresee both successes and challenges.

Meet Your Coaches

Morten Gottliebsen

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Morten is passionate about personalized coaching, aiming to help each new manager uncover their potential and succeed as a leader in their unique way.

Morten, an ICF PCC certified coach, with more than 1500 hours of coaching executives, brings a rich background in business coaching, essential for guiding new managers in effective communication, decision-making, and leadership development. His understanding of behavioral analysis is instrumental in helping managers navigate team dynamics and workplace relationships.

Morten’s dynamic and inspiring coaching sessions challenge and support new leaders, equipping them with the insights and confidence needed to excel in any managerial roles.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Empowering new managers to discover their unique leadership styles and strengths.

Behavioral Analysis
Utilizing behavioral insights to enhance team communication and collaboration.

Leadership Development and Training
Focused on cultivating resilient, adaptable, and influential leaders.

Expert Coach
Morten’s extensive experience offers valuable guidance and insights for emerging managers.

Public Speaker and Facilitator
His skills in public speaking enrich his ability to teach and inspire effective communication.

Leadership Development Specialist Demonstrates his commitment to nurturing effective and confident leaders.

Morten offers invaluable real-world leadership insights

He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and brings a distinctive perspective from his work as a coach and teacher for leaders in Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) within the slums of Nairobi.

Known as a ‘part-time ghetto coach,’ Morten’s experiences offer invaluable, real-world leadership insights that enrich our course, providing a depth of understanding and practical knowledge you won’t find elsewhere.


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The Modules

You will be going through 7 modules

All with 1:1 coaching sessions and online teaching.

Our course is structured to facilitate a smooth transition into effective leadership for new managers.

Starting with the basics of role transition and goal-setting, each module progressively builds upon the last, weaving together essential skills like communication, decision-making, and emotional intelligence.

This intentional sequencing ensures that as you grow in confidence, you also develop the practical skills needed to lead teams successfully and navigate complex managerial challenges.

Role Transition and Effective Goal-Setting

Gain clarity on your new leadership role and align your personal values with professional objectives for impactful goal-setting.

Advanced Communication, Emotional Skills, Leadership Styles, and Feedback

Enhance your communication and emotional intelligence, explore various leadership styles, and master giving and receiving feedback to lead more effectively.

Prioritization, Delegation, Time Management, and Setting Boundaries

Learn to prioritize tasks, delegate effectively, manage your time efficiently, and set boundaries for a balanced and productive work environment.

Confident Decision-Making, Problem-Solving, and Authentic Leadership

Boost your confidence in making critical decisions, solve complex problems efficiently, and foster an authentic leadership style.

Continuous Learning, Conflict Navigation, and Adaptable Leadership

 Embrace continuous personal development, effectively navigate conflicts, and adapt your leadership approach to various situations.

Public Speaking Mastery, Team Dynamics, and Influential Leadership

Develop your public speaking prowess, understand and manage team dynamics, and become an influential leader.

Building Resilience, Leading Change, and Transformational Leadership

Build your resilience, lead change initiatives successfully, and inspire your team with transformational leadership.

Participants will undertake a Strategic Leadership Initiative to apply the skills learned.

This comprehensive project involves identifying a challenge within their organization, planning a strategic response, and executing a solution, followed by a presentation and evaluation.

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How we do it

Course Framework Overview

Predictable yet developing

Initial One-on-One Session with Susanne Madsen:

  • Identify known challenges and their impact on growth.
  • Understand the overall course outcome and expectations.


Pre-Module Online Preparation:

  • Complete an online course to prepare for the first module.
  • Focus on foundational aspects of the managerial role.


First Module – One-on-One Session with Morten Gottliebsen:

  • Deep dive into Role Transition and Effective Goal-Setting.
  • Specific focus on understanding your managerial role and company expectations.


Post-Session Homework:

  • Compile discoveries and insights from the session with Morten.
  • Outline personal goals and role expectations.


Follow-Up One-on-One Session with Susanne Madsen:

  • Align the foundation established in the first module.
  • Ensure coherence with personal challenges and growth objectives.


Continued Module Structure:
Each subsequent module follows a similar framework:

  • Online preparation course
  • One-on-one coaching session focused on specific module topics.
  • Post-session homework and reflections.
  • Alignment session with Susanne to integrate learning and personal growth.

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Course practical

How soon, how much and how to join

Below is a breakdown of the practical info

Post-Course Results

Upon completing the course, managers will be equipped to:

  • Drive Team Excellence: Utilize enhanced leadership skills to boost team performance and productivity.
  • Lead with Confidence: Navigate managerial challenges with newfound confidence and decisiveness.
  • Resolve Complex Issues: Apply advanced problem-solving strategies to overcome obstacles and improve operations.
  • Leadership Growth: Continue developing leadership skills for long-term professional advancement and success.
  • 16 weeks with bi-weekly sessions
  • Danish or English
  • 2-4 hours
  • 1:1 sessions and online courses 70/30 ratio
  • A blend of online and interactive live sessions, practical challenges and homework
  • 4.977,00 Euro – The course
  • 977,00 Euro – Capstone project
  • Group discount avaliable
  • To join the course, you need to registre a free call on this link.
  • Access to online resources and mentorship
  • Continuous feedback throughout the course
  • Susanne Madsen and Morten Gottliebsen

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