Susanne Madsen

Holistic Leadership Coach

A blend of spiritual disciplines and transformative coaching

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Susanne Madsen

Holistic Leadership Coach

Susanne believes in the transformative power of integrating spiritual insights into leadership, enhancing emotional intelligence and fostering authentic leadership styles.

Susanne, a seasoned spiritual healer and coach, uniquely blends traditional leadership principles with intuitive practices. Her approach is tailored to support and empower new managers, focusing on holistic development and stress management.

Through a blend of spiritual disciplines and transformative coaching, Susanne guides managers on a journey of self-awareness, aligning personal growth with leadership development.

Holistic Leadership Development
Crafting leadership skills with a holistic perspective.

Stress Management Techniques
Teaching methods to manage stress effectively in managerial roles.

Intuitive Decision-Making
Enhancing decision-making skills through intuitive insights.

Spiritual Healer and Coach
Her certification and experience offer a unique edge to her coaching.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication Specialist
Expertise in these areas enhances her ability to develop emotionally intelligent leaders.

Energy Work and Kinesiology Practitioner
Bringing a unique perspective to personal and leadership development.

Susanne offers a unique blend of insights and expertise

She is a gifted clairvoyant, who brings an unparalleled edge to the program, tapping into energies to foresee both successes and challenges.