Morten Gottliebsen

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Equipping you with the insights and confidence needed to excel in any managerial roles

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Morten Gottliebsen

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Morten is passionate about personalized coaching, aiming to help each manager uncover their potential and succeed for leading in their unique way.

Morten, an ICF PCC certified coach, with more than 1500 hours of coaching executives, brings a rich background in business coaching, essential for guiding new managers in effective communication, decision-making, and leadership development. His understanding of behavioral analysis is instrumental in helping managers navigate team dynamics and workplace relationships.

Morten’s dynamic and inspiring coaching sessions challenge and support leaders, equipping them with the insights and confidence needed to excel in any managerial roles.

Executive Coaching and Mentoring
Empowering new managers to discover their unique leadership styles and strengths.

Behavioral Analysis
Utilizing behavioral insights to enhance team communication and collaboration.

Leadership Development and Training
Focused on cultivating resilient, adaptable, and influential leaders.

Expert Coach
Morten’s extensive experience offers valuable guidance and insights for emerging managers.

Public Speaker and Facilitator
His skills in public speaking enrich his ability to teach and inspire effective communication.

Leadership Development Specialist Demonstrates his commitment to nurturing effective and confident leaders.

Morten offers invaluable real-world leadership insights

He lives in Nairobi, Kenya, and brings a distinctive perspective from his work as a coach and teacher for leaders in Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) within the slums of Nairobi.

Known as a ‘part-time ghetto coach,’ Morten’s experiences offer invaluable, real-world leadership insights that enrich our course, providing a depth of understanding and practical knowledge you won’t find elsewhere.


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